Faith that can move… a big dead tree.

Jesus says, “if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you” [Matthew 17:20].

I have a quick story for you today about faith. Have you heard that verse above? About moving mountains with your faith? I have my own version!

Faith that can move… a big dead tree.

We bought our Lakeville house a few years ago in April, closed on it in May, and realized we had a big dead tree on our hands when it had no leaves by June. It was a monster of a cottonwood tree. And it was precariously leaning toward our neighbor’s home.

I made a few calls to tree removal companies and generally got quoted around $5000 to remove this tree, given it’s size and proximity to homes and power lines.

That price tag was devastating to us as new homeowners who had scraped together barely enough to own the home in the first place. We were in no place to afford that tree removal and the thought of putting it on a credit card made my stomach turn!

So I did what any woman of faith would do, I prayed. I prayed a big prayer for my big, dead tree. I prayed that somehow it would come down without us having to pay and without it causing harm to people or property.

The next winter, we had a few ice storms. It was the kind of storm that leaves sheets of ice on every branch of every tree. It was terrifying for us as we watched branch after branch, some as big as a small tree itself, fall to our yard and our neighbor’s yards. One even fell on the power lines, leaving half our neighborhood without power. No one hurt, no damage done (except to the power line), but still a major problem to be solved.

I kept praying. I prayed that God would care about something as trivial as a dead tree in our newly-bought yard.

After the power line was cut by the falling branch, we found out that our neighbors had called the power company and reported the problem. A few weeks later, we got a call from Xcel Energy telling us that they were going to take down the tree- at no cost to us- to prevent further damage to their power lines.

Isn’t that awesome?! I knew God would help us with our tree problem!  We didn’t have to pay a dime and it never hurt people or homes. In that moment, I felt God reminding me to just ask. He wants to take care of us, and he wants to show us his power. Just ask! Little miracles like my tree, or big miracles like healing and salvation, are just a prayer away.


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