People Priority: Changing your to-do list

I am normally a very task-oriented, to-do list person. I enjoy making a list, working toward the goals, and finishing it. As a teacher, I ALWAYS have a short to-do list on my desk.

During summers, however, I change my to-do list. I throw out the lists that look like this:

-Mow the yard

-Water the flowers


-Go grocery shopping

And I replace them with lists that look like this:

-Call Trena about her move

-Invite Erin and her kids over for a playdate

-Schedule a walk around the lake with Becca

-Bring a meal to the family at church with a new baby

It’s my time to intentionally make my list about PEOPLE, not THINGS. Summer is a great time to connect with people you haven’t seen in a while. Have long conversations over coffee in the afternoon on a patio. Walk around a beautiful lake with a friend. Have that dinner party you’ve been meaning to plan. Yes, it still takes planning and scheduling, but it is so worth it!

So stop and think about who is in your life that you miss. Who is it that you haven’t seen or talked to for months? Who could use some encouragement or support in this stage? Are some names and faces popping up in your mind?

Also, as a side note, don’t forget the people closest to you! Don’t forget to spend intentional time with each of your kids, your parents, siblings, roommates, or other people that you might be around often. It’s easy to be in the same space with someone but not really be WITH them.

Who are you going to prioritize this summer?



One thought on “People Priority: Changing your to-do list

  1. great insight! in our modern day world of constant “to-do’s” and routines, it can be easy to forget to connect with the people who matter most! as college students, my friends and I make it a point to find the time to communicate with one another, even when we are busy and in different parts of the country! it sounds like you have your priorities straight and we would love to hear more of your thoughts! we hope you will give us a follow back to hear more about our adventures as college aged bffs! xoxo AIE 🙂


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