4th of July Fun Foods for Kids!

We love the 4th of July around here! We love the parades, the patriotism, the flags, the family fun, and of course… THE FOOD!  Here are three fun, easy things to do with the kids this 4th of July!


Slice a watermelon thinly, like about a quarter of an inch.  I do this on a cookie tray to keep the juice contained.  Then use a small star cookie cutter to cut up the watermelon into cute stars.  Mix with blueberries for a festive, healthy treat!



So fun!  Melt white chocolate bark in the microwave until it is a smooth texture.  Get blue sprinkles and put in a small dish.  Then dip a strawberry into the chocolate, then the tip into the sprinkles, and lay on wax paper to harden!  Enjoy!




You need some refreshments with those kiddos!  The hard part of this project is getting the right drinks at the store.  You cannot buy just any kind of juice.  You need to buy ones with three different sugar contents.  So I found these:


White: Gatorade frost, 34g of sugar

Red: Hawaiian Punch, 14g of sugar

Blue: Gatorade G2, 7g of sugar


Then, the trick is to put the highest sugar content in first, so the white drink first in this case.  Then, put the ice in.  When you put the next two colors in, pour the juice onto the ice.  It will help the colors stay more separate.


Add in your last color, and you’re done!   So fun!

*The white got a little mixed in with the red on this pic!*



Happy 4th!





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