Two ways to study the Bible

When I read the Bible, I find myself reading it two ways, mostly.  I either consume big chunks at a time, reading whole chapters or even complete books of the Bible.  I listen to the whole storyline, imaging the characters, thinking about themes and lessons.  Oftentimes, I actually listen to the words on my Bible App audio bible, not even getting caught up in the reading chapter and verse.  I imagine that someone is telling me the story for the first time, recounting a tale handed down from generation to generation.
Another way I study scripture is much more analytical in nature.  I will take a small chunk of scripture that intrigues me and dive in deep.  I look at the specific words, wondering why the author chose them.  I look up different meanings of the words.  I look at the sentence structure.  I memorize verses that have deep meaning to me, committing them to memory. I ask God to explain it to me in a new way.
Both ways are useful to me, and both have a common purpose. Whenever I open my Bible (or Bible app!), I’m asking God to speak to me.  And He doesn’t let me down.
What ways do you study scripture?

2 thoughts on “Two ways to study the Bible

  1. I do both of the methods you said. I love doing a deep dive into a small passage of Scripture, there are just so many treasured to be found and it takes a lot of work to mine everything out from even a couple verses depending on the passage. I study both Hebrew and Greek so my favorite is just reading the Word in the original languages. God bless Laura!

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  2. We’ve recently started “reading the bible in one year”. We are using an App to do it this time and it’s so convenient and helpful. That one time that I missed a day I received an e-mail reminding me 🙂 So far, it’s working really well.

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