Never Stop Learning!

Lifelong learner. Are you one?


I always thought of myself as a “life-long learner,” someone who loves to learn and try new things. This summer and fall, however, has tested that saying in my life. I have been forced to try so many new things! It has been so good for me. Part of the motivation comes from moving to a new town, new jobs, and new experiences. Part of it is my own determination to never grow “comfortable” or worse, “stale.” Here is my list of new skills and activities I have learned recently. I hope it encourages you to try something new!


Things I have learned since this summer:

Veggie garden basics

  • Veggie garden basics


I always wanted to have a vegetable garden, but never had a sunny spot at my Lakeville home.  Now, in Delano, I inherited a beautiful garden and got right to work figuring out how to garden.  This one is definitely a work in progress.  But we had a ton of tomatoes this year!  Success!

My first harvest!
  • Basic hair cutting

Yes, I am now one of “those moms” who cuts her kids’ hair.  I just got too annoyed at the $20 price tag for a kid’s cut, even at the bargain salons.  Thanks to a friend who gave me pointers, and a few useful YouTube videos, I have now cut both my girls’ hair for months, and even have given myself a few trims!

  • How to mow and weed whip

This one was born out of necessity.  Paul was on a ten-day missions trip, and I had to mow.  The lawn looked like a jungle.  Now, after several weeks of mowing, I have found that I love it!  Those neat, straight lines in the grass are therapeutic to me.

My first attempt at mowing!
  • Blogging

This one was random.  I lately have enjoyed writing.  It’s like an idea sticks in my head and won’t let go until I put it in print.  I don’t have a real focus yet, or a niche.  I just write about my life.  I do it just for myself.  I didn’t share any blogs for several months of blogging.  I have no expectations for how it will go.  I just enjoy writing!

One of my recent blog posts!
  • Snapchat

Okay, this was not exactly a skill, nor is it very useful. But it’s so fun!  And I have a whole new way to communicate!  Thanks to my young, hip friends for introducing me to this!


And here are a few others that I won’t elaborate on.

  • Basic web design
  • Graphic Design
  • Grilling
  • Refit classes
  • New recipes
  • Mural painting in the church nursery
  • How to use some power tools!
  • 3rd grade curriculum


There is a spiritual component too.  Are you learning from the wise and gaining wisdom?  Are you pursuing a deeper faith?  In Proverbs 1:5 it says,”…let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance.”

I hope that I never pursue knowledge and skill over wisdom and discernment.  I have had several opportunities lately to glean wisdom from people in my life.  Those moments with them are priceless.  I spent a few hours listening to “mentor moms” recently at our MOPS group.  I was invited over to coffee with one of the founding members of our church.  I spent the afternoon with a woman who is three generations removed from me, and had the most lovely conversations.

So there is a place to learn new skills and knowledge, but there is also a place to gain wisdom and understanding.  Both are necessary and exciting!

What have you learned recently?  What’s on your list of “to learn next?”



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