My VIPKID Final Application Steps! {New Teacher Kick Off Meeting!}

I have a quote by Saint Benedict on my bathroom wall that I look at daily that simply says, “Always We Begin Again.” After moving my family to a new community, leaving my job, starting a church, making new friends, and beginning new jobs and schools, this quote sums up my past two years.  We are constantly beginning again.

My newest beginning started because I’m on maternity leave with my third daughter, taking time away from my teaching career.  Turns out, I’m terrible at maternity leave, and found myself missing teaching, bored, and searching for something to “begin again.”

I became curious about VIPKID, a company where North American teachers teach English to Chinese kids via online classrooms.  It seemed like a scam, or a gimmick, but I did my research and started the process!  I have written about the first week of the rigorous application process here, and the next step here where I taught Mock Lessons, and that brings us to the last step of the process and my eventual hiring!

My last step was to complete the New Teacher Kick Off Meeting, a two hour online Skype-style meeting with several potential teachers and one mentor teacher.  Here is the email inviting me to the Kick Off:

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.52.05 PM.png

It seems that after the Mock 1, it seems like you have four possible outcomes:

  1. Straight to hired (for people who rocked the Mock 1!)
  2. Kick Off (for people who have potential, but need more training)
  3. Mock 2 class interview (for people who have potential, need more training, and want to do a lesson instead of a class format)
  4. Not hired (for people who just aren’t a good fit, unfortunately)

I landed in option #2, and did the Kick Off.  I decided not to wait long, and signed up for the Kick Off happening the next day.  I think this process is a relatively new process, because I couldn’t find much information about it online.  I didn’t know if it was one-on-one, or if it was a group.  I didn’t know if I was going to have to teach something, similar to a mock lesson.  It was all pretty confusing.

But I dove right in, and signed up for an early session.  I got onto the platform, and there was another teacher there.  We tentatively introduced ourselves, realizing that we were both potential teachers, not the mentor.  We had similar paths to getting there too, making it through the interview and demo lesson, but not passing Mock 1.  As we waited for the start time, teacher after teacher joined us.  There were eight potential teachers in all, and then the mentor.

She began the powerpoint-style presentation.  It really did take the full two hours, but it was very practical and useful information, so it didn’t feel that long.  It covered:

  • The rest of the application process
  • What to do if you have IT problems during classes
  • Fresh desk- site to find workshops and teacher development
  • Bookings
  • Classrooms and slides
  • Hutong- a site for challenges for new teachers
  • Trial Classes- classes for students who are trying out VIPKID
  • Giving feedback after lessons
  • Major Courses- Levels, Units, Lessons
  • How to prepare
  • Tricks and Tips
  • Cancelling and No-Shows

I took about five pages of notes!  She shared with us that this New Teacher Kick Off is a new process.  At this point, she told us that we were officially hired, and that after this two-hour workshop, they would “slowly unleash” us.  We wouldn’t be “certified” to teach all levels, but we would begin with trial classes.  Trial classes are for students who just signed up and are doing their free class before they pay for a subscription of classes.  So it was almost like a salesman who has to go find his own clients.  We are responsible to do our best to “sell” them on VIPKID, and by extension, to sell them on “Teacher Laura” so they sign up and come back for more classes.

If I were honest, it seemed a little unfair at first.  Limiting the new teachers to trials, severely limits your availability.  Also, trials are MUCH more likely to be no-shows, because they haven’t paid for anything yet.  But in the end, I think it’s a really smart way for VIPKID to handle the many, many teachers like me.  It gives us a chance to start earning money right away, and gives us practice with a limited number of lessons, in order to “hone our craft.”

So right after the Kick Off, I got an email to confirm that I was there, then an email to send in my documents.  This email shows the documents you’ll need.  If you’re in the process, I would start gathering them now, so you have them ready to go!

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 9.10.42 PM.png

Send in those documents, sign the W9 form, and- I still can’t believe it- the interview process is DONE and you’re an official VIPKID teacher!  It was so exciting!  Then the real work begins!  I opened up my time slots for 5-6:30am, Monday through Friday, and sat around waiting for bookings!  I’ll write more about my first few days of teaching later!  It has been a BLAST!

Again, if you are ready to dive into this fun job and you need someone to talk you through it, follow my referral link and use this code: 05IOD5.  Thanks!




Hello! My name is Laura and I teach online for VIPKID, teaching English to Chinese students! I make videos here to connect with other teachers and applicants.

VIPKID referral link:

VIPKID referral code: 05IOD5


Instagram: @vipkidteachermom

VIPKID/Parenting Blog:


Thanks for reading!





30 thoughts on “My VIPKID Final Application Steps! {New Teacher Kick Off Meeting!}

  1. Hi Laura! Thanks for your article. It was helpful. I will be having my kick off meeting this coming Thursday. I just want to ask, have you already taught 5 trial classes? (I’m just worried that it could take weeks in order to get 5 kids to sign up for Vipkid.)




  2. Thank you for this info! I just did my kick-off meeting, and submitted the quiz. How long did it take for you to receive an email requesting your documents? I’m super bummed that I didn’t pass straight to teaching. 😔 What did the level 2 certification quiz consist of? Thanks!


    1. Hi Kate! The email came quickly… within 2 days. I know it is a bummer, but I actually enjoyed the trial phase. Level 2 certification was challenging. Online workshop, recorded demo lesson, and quiz. I failed once 🤣. But once I passed, my schedule has been completely full ever since! I haven’t even added another certification because I don’t need it. I have all the classes I want!


      1. Thanks for your response! I found out within an hour after my Mock 1 that I could do the Kick-off, so I guess I’m just being impatient. There’s not much information about the Kick-off at all! They make it sound like you’re hired immediately after, with little mention of level 2 certification. I’m not very good at test taking, so I’m nervous about failing that part, as well! 😩


  3. You WILL be hired immediately after the kick off. They don’t ever really say it! You’ll only be certified for trials, though. Then, after teaching 5 trials, you can do the level 2 certification.


  4. Hello Laura, I attended my Kickoff meeting and I have not received any email. I had to take a quiz and I got all questions right.=, however no email. Should I be concerned?


  5. Hi Laura..were you ask about a secrete code from your mentor before accessing the vipkid New Teacher Kick-off Meeting: Quiz and Attendance Confirmation..I am being asked for this and even my mentor is unaware of this because she didn’t get this option; she was asked to take mock 2. Do you have any info? Thanks


  6. I just received the email about my two options: 1) kick off class 2)mock 2 class. If i decide to take the Mock 2 class and pass it, am I automatically certified for level 2 teaching?


    1. Yes, I believe so! Everyone starts with level 2 as far as I know! I feel like I got lucky… I did the kick off and got my trials in right away. Some people get stuck in trials for months! Do the mock!


  7. Hi Laura! I was so happy to find your blog. I just finished my mock 1, and it felt like I did great in many aspects, but went over my time on both parts! Not like just next to last slide, but I was barely over halfway through on each, because I was taking too long! But the Mentor feedback on what I was doing right was really really good… so I don’t know what to expect. I do think that if presented with the options to do a mock 2 or do a thing like what you did, I’ll do the mock 2, because I want to make sure that with applying the mentor’s feedback, I can actually get through a whole class in time. I’m just super nervous, because one thing that was part of my comments from the demo, and also part of my mentor’s comments in the mock, was incidental language. But what I originally thought to be the “incidental language” problem was completely different from what my mock mentor explained! So my fear is that they will think I ignored the feedback about incidental language. I did tell the mentor that what she was describing was totally different from what I thought the original issue with that was, and explained to her what I had initially thought that meant, and she seemed cool about it. So my emotions are just all over the map right now. I’m so happy about so much of the really great feedback- I mean most of what she said about me was really good. She really only had a couple of things related to my pacing (including the incidental language thing) that would go in the negative column. But I’m also really hacked at myself for not keeping up the pace and for screwing that part of things up. Anyway, sorry for the whole sob story… but really I was just searching online for something saying whether or not, if you failed the mock but came close to passing or something, if you’d be given the chance to retry it at some point in the future… and it sounds like the answer is yes, so I’m psyched to find that. Anyway, great blog! Lots of good info. Would love to make contact so we can trade stories and tips and stuff! Take care and happy teaching!


    1. Love your story! The incidental language part is so hard to master… I still catch myself talking WAY too much sometimes. Keep it up! I wish you all the best! It really is a fun, exciting job. The only job that could make 4am worth it!!


  8. Ooh, and the other thing is my unstable internet connection :-p. I live in the boonies where until literally like a week ago there was only one company that did wired internet out here, and you were doing good to get a 1mbps connection. yes, you read that right, 1, not 100, but 1. But now there is a cable company that just came out here, so I just signed up with them for 400mbps and asked for their earliest possible installation. I hope it’s soon enough, because I just found out that officially vipkid requires a wired internet connection for you to qualify to work for them!


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