Mom friends, if you haven’t heard of VIPKID, this may be a perfect part-time, work from home, job for you!  VIPKID is a Chinese company that hired American and Canadian teachers to teach English online to Chinese children.  I love this job!  I have so much fun teaching kids in my “online classroom,” and it has been a profitable side business for me!  Before I tell you the top five benefits of VIPKID for moms, let me get the requirements out of the way, so you don’t get your hopes up!


  1. Bachelor’s Degree.  This is a non-negotiable, but your degree can be in anything, not just education.
  2. Experience with kids.  You’re a mom.  Done.
  3. Dependable computer/iPad with strong wifi connection.

Yes, that’s it.  Interested?  Keep reading to hear why I think this is the BEST job for moms who want to supplement their income!


1. Stay at HOME!

This is the best part, in my opinion!  I used to teach in the city, about an hour’s drive from my home.  I spent WAY too much time in my car, away from my kids and home.  Now, I can roll out of bed and be to my job in less than five minutes.  No commute.  No professional wardrobe.  No boss.  It’s so easy.  And you are able to do your “house jobs” in between classes.  Sometimes I can get my laundry started and dishwasher loaded before 7am!

Funny story:  This is me waiting online while my student went to the bathroom!  LOL!

2. You have all the STUFF!

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need much for this job.  Essentially, all you need is a great computer with wifi.  However, you will need some basic teaching supplies to be a successful teacher.  Thanks to having kids around, you have almost everything you need to be successful for this job.  You have stuffed animals lying around.  You have markers and crayons. You probably even have letter cards, alphabet blocks, or educational posters.  My daughters have let me use some of their toys and it makes teaching so much easier!

You can see some of the toys and alphabet cards I borrowed (stole) from my kids.

3. No BABYSITTER or daycare needed!

If you are a working mom, you know that you need to make enough money at your job to cover childcare expenses, or your job won’t even feel “worth it.”  With the cost of daycare, sometimes even a job that is in your field, using your degree, doesn’t pay enough!  This job is awesome, because you work from home, early in the morning before your kids wake up!  No need for childcare, unless your kids will be awake while you’re teaching.  With the time change, the prime hours are 4-7am (central time).  Yes, it’s super early and takes getting used to.  But it’s worth it to not pay for childcare!  My husband is around if my kids happen to wake up while I’m teaching, but honestly, I’ve been teaching for two months and that has only happened once!   You will get used to waking up early, I promise.  That brings me to my next point…

4. You’re already AWAKE at crazy times!

I started this job during my maternity leave, when my third daughter was about two months old.  As any mom of a newborn knows, your sleep schedule is totally crazy.  Some nights, the baby sleeps well.  Some nights, the baby is up at all hours!  So, to me, it was a perfect fit because I was used to having a strange sleep schedule anyway.  It was not crazy for me to see 4am, so if I could see 4am and make some money in the process, it was a bonus!  If you are one of those lucky moms that has kids that sleep through the night and never wake up you, you’ll just get used to getting up earlier and maybe napping with your kids in the afternoon.

It’s 4:15am most days for me!

5. You control your SCHEDULE!

Need to bring a kid to a doctor’s appointment?  Want to volunteer at your kid’s school?  No problem!  No asking for time off!  You just turn off those time slots.  You have total control of your schedule.  There used to be a minimum number of hours that you had to be available to be booked for VIPKID, but now there is no limit.  So you can take time off, you can choose not to work some days, it’s totally up to you.  You make your schedule two weeks in advance.  It has been so freeing to have control of my schedule.

You just click the “buttons” for the time slots you want to be available for bookings.  You can turn off the slot unless you have a booking.

Those are five perks of this job for moms!  I am loving it, and have found many other moms who enjoy this job.  If you are a working mom, you might be able to sneak a few classes in before your work day, which may be worth the extra income.  If you’re a stay at home mom, this could help supplement your family’s income without having to leave the house and find childcare.  It’s a win-win.

If you’re reading this and are curious about this crazy job, message me and I can answer any questions you have! If you are ready to dive into this fun job and you need someone to talk you through it, follow my referral link and use this code: 05IOD5.  Thanks!


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