VIPKID: No Shows- Should I stay or should I go now?

Hello VIPKID friends!

I am currently in month four of working for VIPKID, an online teaching company.  I teach English to Chinese students from the comfort of my basement.  I love it.

One common occurrence in online teaching is no-shows.  This means that the student booked you for a class, and for whatever reason, they don’t show up.  When I was first hired, I was hired only to teach “trial classes,” which are introduction classes for students who are deciding whether they really want to take these English classes or not.  They are meant to be a fun introduction to the kids.  Because the first three classes are free on their end, there tends to be a lot of no-shows.  They lose nothing except a chance at a free class.

My first month of teaching, I had about 50% show up for class and 50% no-shows.  It was discouraging at times, but a relief at times too.  The good news is that VIPKID still compensates you for showing up to the virtual classroom on time, and pays you half of what you would normally receive if you taught the class. So I oftentimes got paid to surf Facebook, do some laundry, or drink my coffee in front of a blank screen.

This is what a No Show looks like.  The students screen box will say “Nobody is here now.”

I recently had a referral of mine text me frantically as she waited for her first class.  “They’re not here!  Is this a no-show?” she texted me.  I know they explain that no-shows will happen, but they don’t explain what it looks like or what to do.

I made this short YouTube video to help you prepare for what no-shows look like.  In it, I go into an actual classroom on my portal and show you some tricks.

YouTube: No-Shows


  1. You have to wait in the classroom until either A) You hit 15 minutes for a trial or 25 for a major course or B)The firemen mark it “SNS.”
  2. You can check to see if the Firemen (Chinese IT support) mark it SNS by opening a new tab or browser and watching the “classroom” tab.
  3. If you’re unsure, wait the full amount of time.
  4. If they mark it SNS, take a screen shot of it before you exit the classroom, in case they were to dispute it.
  5. You DO get paid for Student No-Shows, but only half the amount of a completed class.
  6. SNS do not require feedback, but I do write something like “I hope to see you in another VIPKID class soon!”  Here is a screen shot of a longer Student No Show feedback I wrote.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 5.09.35 AM

Happy Teaching!


**UPDATE IN JUNE 2018**  There is a new Chrome extension for this very problem!  It’s called Teacher’s Pet and it tells you exactly when you can leave the classroom for no-shows!  Check it out.  Here’s my review:




Hello! My name is Laura and I teach online for VIPKID, teaching English to Chinese students! I make videos here to connect with other teachers and applicants.

VIPKID referral link:

VIPKID referral code: 05IOD5


Instagram: @vipkidteachermom

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Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “VIPKID: No Shows- Should I stay or should I go now?

  1. I appreciate all of your hard work and information. I just cant tell if I am supposed to take a screenshot of the classrooms tab or of myself in the classroom?


  2. Hi Laura!

    I also teach for VIPKid and I love it! I also just moved to a new house and I am trying to set up my classroom in the basement to avoid noise bleed (it’s an older house so the walls are pretty thin. Do you have any tips for setting up a basement classroom? ( ensuring a stable internet connection, staying warm (Ohioan over here!), lighting, etc)


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