VIPKID IT Issues: Making Lemonade out of Lemons!

Yes, it happened.  I missed my first VIPKID class.  I’ve been teaching for almost 5 months, average about 15 classes per week, and I haven’t even gotten close to a missed class.  But today, it happened.  So sad!

Here’s the deal.  I love my MacBook, but I have a problem with my charging cord.  It isn’t reliable!  I always check my battery life on my computer before I go to bed, and last night when I went to bed, it was about halfway powered. I made sure it was charging, left the screen open, and went to bed.

I woke up, and it was dead.  The screen didn’t even light.  I had about 12 minutes, so I didn’t freak… yet.  I plugged it in and got ready for teaching.  But it wasn’t charging!

At 6 minutes before class started, I decided I needed to find another source since it clearly wasn’t going to be ready.  I looked around for my husband’s laptop, but it was nowhere to be found.  Okay.  The back up to the backup was the iPad.  I had never used it before, and didn’t even have the VIPKID app downloaded on it.  I frantically searched for the app and downloaded it.  I didn’t know Paul’s App store password!  I got it going and was almost ready, but I didn’t get into the classroom in time. It hit 00:00 and I was still tryin to log in.

I pulled up the VIPKID app on my phone and messaged the firemen. I was now 2 minutes late to class.

Here’s our conversation:

I love how they use emojis.

So I decided to use the iPad for my next two classes that morning, while my computer SLOWLY charged. I ended up LOVING the iPad! I’ll definitely use it again. I love the handy mute button and the ease of writing with your finger.

So the moral of the story:

-Have a backup computer source.

-Double check the charge before going to bed

-Be flexible and think on your feet

-Be kind to the Firemen. They’re trying their best!

-Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Here’s my YouTube video about that day!

Happy teaching!




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