VIPKID: No shows. Ugh.

One unfortunate side of teaching for VIPKID: no shows.  You get all excited to have a class booked.  You get up (usually very early) and get ready.  And then you sit there.  And wait… and wait…

I sometimes I feel frustrated. Sometimes relieved.  I suppose, for me, it depends on where in the day your no-show falls.  Here’s a video I made one day when my no-show was the first class of the day! Those are the worst, in my opinion, because you think about how you could have slept for another half-hour!

If the no-show falls in the middle of a long run of classes, I always feel a little relieved.  It’s always nice if you know ahead of time that it’s going to be cancelled, but oftentimes they don’t cancel ahead of time and they just don’t show up.  So you’re stuck sitting there, waiting to see what will happen.  In those times of waiting, here is what I used to do to know when I could leave the classroom:

I used to open up a different tab or window and watch for the firemen (tech support) to change the class from “booked” to “no-show.”  As soon as it’s marked “no-show,” you can leave the classroom with no penalty, even without waiting the full 15 or 25 minutes.

However, as of now (June 2018), I have a new process of handling no-shows!  I heard about this new extension for Google Chrome that tells you when the firemen change the class type to “no-show” as soon as they change it, without having to check.  It’s called “Teacher’s Pet.” It audibly tells you in the classroom with a funny saying, “Bye-bye Bao Bao!”  (For those who haven’t heard yet, “bao bao” is a common affectionate term for kids in Chinese, kind of like “baby” or “sweetie.”)

So this extension saves a lot of time!  I’ve been doing a lot of trials lately, and I’ve used it so many times already!  Check it out!  Here’s a better explanation.

Happy teaching, VIPKID teachers!  I wish you a full schedule with zero no-shows!  Unless you could use a no-show today!  🙂



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