VIPKID teachers: Do I need a trackpad for writing on the screen?


I have been an online English teacher for 9 months.  Generally, I’m not a “gadget” kind of person, opting for minimal tools and money spent.  For example, I didn’t give in and buy a headset until I had taught for about 4 months.  I still haven’t purchased a VIPKID shirt at all.

But I was getting frustrated with the trackpad on my laptop (MacBook) for writing on the screen.  I would say that I write on the screen more than an average teacher, not that there is any way to really gauge that.  I enjoy writing on the screen to connect with the student and to extend the lessons.

I teach standing a lot, which meant that I was leaning in, trying to write on the small track pad with my laptop lofted in the air.  It was uncomfortable and didn’t make the best, most clearest letters and numbers.

So I went to trusty old Amazon and found a well-rated track pad.  Above is the video of me trying it out for the first time, so you can see the difference.  I think I’m going to love it!

A full review is coming!

Happy Teaching!



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