First steps with VIPKID!

So you decided to take the step and apply for VIPKID!

Here are some first steps, from application through the interview:

1. Fill out the online application. Use someone’s referral code. They will help you through the process! It will ask very basic information about your education and job history. No prep work necessary.

2. When they get back to you, schedule the interview right away. Don’t hesitate. You don’t need to have a perfect setup before your interview. Just do it!

3. Take inventory before your interview. What do you have that could be useful?

  • Grab and whiteboard or a pad of paper.
  • Find a stuffed animal, or a puppet.
  • Find an orange shirt if you have one.
  • Check your internet speed and stability. VIPKID has recommended speeds and requirements listed on their website.
  • This is a good time to get a headset too. Not required, but makes you look professional. This is the one thing that I would recommend spending money on at this point. The rest is all optional.

4. Educate yourself.

Just as with any job interview, you need to prepare.

  • Learn about online ESL techniques, especially TPR, wait time, and incidental language. Those are the basics.
  • Watch videos on YouTube about the VIPKID interview process. I could outline it here, but it is ever-changing so your research will be more up to date.
  • Learn about the details of the company, so you can ask educated questions. Find out about expected pay, schedule, cancellation policy, and certifications. Ask any questions you don’t understand.

5. Reach out to your referrer.

They will “fill in all the gaps” of questions you may have in the process. I’d recommend an in-person or Skype session if possible, so they can demonstrate some of the ESL techniques and you can get a real life picture if it.

Then go for it! Don’t hesitate, just dive in! You won’t regret it!

All the best! Let me know if you need support in this process!



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