VIPKID: So you had a bad day… :(

VIPKID is such a fun teaching job online.  I love it. But not every day is perfect.  Here is a play-by-play of a “bad VIPKID day.”

  1. My first class ended up being marked “Teacher IT,” meaning I don’t get paid because I had technology problems.   I woke up and we had an internet interruption.  So my first thing I do is try my hot spot on my phone.  The hot spot worked, but I didn’t get it going fast enough.  Moral of the story: get up early and get computer ready.  An extra two minutes would have saved me the bad finish type!
  2. My second class was marked “Student IT.”  I thought it was my problem, but it was the student’s issue. The student’s camera was stuck. The mom kept typing in Chinese to my in the chat box.  I copied and pasted her words into Google Translate to understand what she was saying. Then, I used the “call firemen” button to get extra help.
  3. My third class was a “Student No Show!”  I needed this break!  And the best part was that it was a short notice cancellation, so I get paid the full amount for doing nothing!

Tips for technology problems:

  1. Don’t stress or panic.
  2. Know that bad days are uncommon.
  3. Go with the flow.
  4. Ask Firemen for help!
  5. Take screenshots in case you need to prove what you did.

You got this, teacher!  Keep up the good teaching!



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