Teacher Laura’s VIPKID Week in Review: September 22nd, 2018

Best moment of the week: My favorite student is Elva (I know, I know… not supposed to have favorites!) because not only is she a fantastic student, but she has really let me into her life a bit.  Most lessons, she introduces at least one family member.  For one of her lessons this week, her younger brother did the lesson with us.  He didn’t have an English name, so we talked about it and gave him the name Michael!  🙂

Worst moment of the week:  Coughing fit!  I’m a bit sick this week, with a run-of-the-mill cold.  At one point, during a TRIAL of course, I could not stop coughing!  I turned of the mic and camera off for a second, actually, which I’ve never done!  It was bad.  My eyes were watering and everything.  But the lesson carried on with no problems and no bad feedback (yet, at least!).

Reward of the week : I’m trying a new thing this week and last week, and using only one reward all week. It takes the guess-work out of rewards.  I used the Phone/Emoji reward this week, with great success and a lot of smiles! The emoji reward is from Special Stuff for Special Teachers on TeachersPayTeachers!   Thank you for the free download!  This has been a total hit! The kids especially like the “poop emoji,” of course!  It was a great way to teach new vocabulary too, as I used these simple emjois: car, crown, flag (American and Chinese), cat, dog, panda, heart, and a few faces with different emotions.  As always, I stuck with the ice cream reward for trials.  That is the BEST reward!

News/VIPKID Updates: The news this week is that incentives are back, this time for opening up PPT (prime prime time) slots, which for me are 6-8am.  I will not be getting this incentive though, because I don’t open the 7am slot during school days, so I can get my daughter on the bus.  Oh well.  Priorities!

Blog/TPT/YouTube: This week, I created a tally chart for teachers to use to keep track of their classes monthly!  I also uploaded my Meals of the Day chart prop that I use constantly for Food/Meal Lessons with a YouTube video explaining how to use it!  And check out my update about how we are balancing preschool homeschool and VIPKID at our house! My daughter makes a star appearance, complete with bloopers!Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 10.49.48 AM.png

Weekly Stats:

  • Classes Total: 38
  • Trials: 7
  • Short Notice: 5
  • No Shows: 3
  • Trial Conversions: 0





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