Teacher Laura’s VIPKID Month in Review: September 29, 2018

Today is the last day I’ll teach in September, so instead of a “week in review,” I’ll do a quick “month in review!”  It has been a great month with VIPID!

Best moment of the month: I met a big goal this month that I’ve never met before: I taught 150 classes this month!  That has been my goal since the summer, and I’ve been working my way up to it!  Very excited!

Also, this month, our students celebrated Mid Autumn Festival.  VIPKID provided a fun way to connect with students by sending e-cards for this holiday!  So throughout the month students and teachers sent and received cute little personalized cards.  I really enjoyed this fun way to connect with students! IMG_7379.PNG

Worst moment of the week:  Sadly, I walked into my classroom and stepped on my headphones!  Ugh!  They are totally busted.  I ordered new ones right away.  I felt naked teaching without them!  In case your in the market for headsets, I whole-heartedly recommend this one on Amazon for $23.  I have used it for over 500 classes, and it would still be working perfectly, had I not stepped on it!


Reward of the week : I continued using only one reward all week, with only a few exceptions.  This week, I did stickers and sticker books!  The kids really enjoyed this!  I started this in the summer, and some of my students ask for it every time now.  I created a very simple sticker book that I share for FREE on my Teachers Pay Teacher store!   I want to figure out how to send these to my students when they fill up the books.

News/VIPKID Updates: The big news this week with VIPKID is that they are starting a new incentive for referring teachers.  They are giving away a trip to China for the highest referrer!  So exciting!  They are also giving away VIPKID-branded iPads and other fun prizes.  Referring has never been a goal of mine, but I did have a friend choose to sign up this week!  I love sharing this job with friends.  I am not a “salesman” by nature, but if you’re looking for someone to show you the ropes of this job, I’d love to be your referred/mentor through the process!

Blog/TPT/YouTube: I published two YouTube videos this week: “Teaching While Sick” with a blog to go along with that one, and “Do I need to know Chinese?”  Check them out!


  • Classes Total:  151!!
  • Trials:  24 (16 old, 12 new, 1 VAE)
  • Short Notice:  15
  • No Shows:  15
  • Trial Conversions: 5!  Very excited about this!
My rough copy of my chart.  I made a nicer version for next month!  🙂 


Thanks for following my journey with VIPKID!  If you’d like to hear more about how I got started and how it’s going, check out these posts!


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