Laura’s VIPKID Week in Review: October 13th, 2018 {WORST TRIAL!}

Best Moment: Two great moments this week!  First, I got my rating back to 5.0!  As you know, the goal is always to have 5 apple reviews.  But sadly, a few months ago, I got my first less-than-perfect review, a 4 apple review.  I was really sad.  I know they average the most recent 100 ratings, so it was going to take a while to get that 4 off the current record.  But this week, the 4 rating fell off and I am back to 5.0, with nearly 300 ratings!  Woohoo!

Another great moment happened when I was teaching last night.  I usually don’t teach evenings, but I had taken a few days off for different events, so I taught 4 trial classes last night.  It was a doozy!  I think I’ll do a separate blog about it soon, but the 3rd trial was PERFECT!  What I mean is that it went exactly how you’d want a trial to go.  The student participated, was happy and excited.  I felt like I was “on my game,” and gave her a great first English experience.  It solidified in my mind how much I enjoy teaching trial classes.  I know they are not for everyone, but I really enjoy being the first face of VIPKID to a student!

Worst Moment: My worst moment directly followed that perfect trial.  I guess I needed humbling!  I was flying high after the perfect trial, thinking I was a FANTASTIC teacher.  Well, the class right after that was also a trial.  It was a disaster, by far the worst trial I’ve ever taught.  The kid was terrified of me!  He immediately started screaming when I opened the camera.  He sobbed. He ran away.  He wrestled himself away from his dad.  It was terrible!  The whole family was there, watching how I would handle it.  I tried to entertain him and make myself interesting, and not scary.  I pulled out my best toys.  Nothing worked.  Dad took him into the other room to attempt to calm him down, but it was to no avail.  I contacted the firemen and let them know what was happening.  Mom got on the screen, laughing nervously and holding a tiny baby.  She said, “Sorry. He is sad.”  I chatted with Mom, in her limited English, while we waited.  Her baby was adorable!  The boy never came back on. The firemen marked it “student no show.”  Hopefully I didn’t scar him for learning English!

Rewards: This week, I used my Hello Kitty reward for all the girls.  This is sadly a gender-specific reward. I’ve offered it to boys, but they never choose it.  For the boys, I used my ice cream or hamburger toy.  It was a good, easy reward for the week!

I also tried a new reward this week with a few of my regulars.  It is a free app called Kids Doodle!  It is really fun!  You just draw whatever you’d like, and it plays it back to you like a movie.  I drew Dino, robots, and flowers.  The kids enjoyed seeing it play back!  Give it a try if you’re looking for a simple, fun reward.  I found it on this YouTube video!  Thanks for the idea!

News/Updates: Nothing too interesting this week from VIPKID.  Keep on trucking!

Blog/Tpt/YouTube:  This week I finally got around to updating my intro video.  I was still using the same one from nearly a year ago when I started. Since then, I’ve become a YouTuber and my video editing skills, though still novice, are developing!  So I wanted to update my video.  Here’s the newest version.  Thoughts?  Comments?

I also did an video explanation of how/why I do one reward all week.  I am really enjoying doing rewards like this, and hope to encourage some teachers that rewards don’t have to be stressful or crazy.  Here’s that video:


And here’s a video for new teachers to see what a trial no-show looks like:


  • Classes Total: 45! (that’s high for me!)
  • Trials: 12
  • Short Notice: 5
  • No Shows: 7
  • Trial Conversions: 2

Thanks for following my journey with VIPKID!  If you’re interested in this awesome work at home job, please contact me through comments or email!  If you’d like to hear more about how I got started and how it’s going, check out these posts!

Thanks for reading!



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