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I’m sitting in the Gogokid classroom.  Notice “student is entering” is written on the student camera.  This is potentially a no-show.  Also note at the bottom, I write a hello note in the chat box to prove I was in the classroom.  

You are ready!  You woke up at an insanely early hour.  You got dressed, maybe even put on makeup.  You set up your computer and props.  You even had a moment to get some coffee.  You’re in the Gogokid Teacher Portal, ready for your class!  If you have a trial class, this is a class that a student has booked to try out Gogokid’s program.  They have not paid for a package yet, and they’re unsure if they want to commit.  You have the power to convince them!

However, I have to be the bearer of bad news.  Oftentimes, trial class students do not show up.  They haven’t paid for anything yet, so they lose nothing.  But you still have to be prepared.  Let me walk you through your Gogokid trial class no show experience, so you are ready for whatever may come.

First, enter the classroom from the teacher portal before your scheduled start time.  Just click “Enter Classroom.”   I try to enter at least 10 minutes before my first class, to make sure everything is functioning properly.  As soon as I enter, I close my camera until the class start time.

As you sit there, you’ll see the student camera area.  If it says the the student’s name, that means they have arrived and are waiting for you.  This will be an actual trial class, not a “student no show.”  If it says “student is entering” (shown above) that means they have not entered the classroom yet.  This potentially will be a no-show, but you won’t know yet.

At this point, as I wait for the scheduled start time, I usually write something in the chat box, or on the screen with the drawing tool.  I usually just write “Hello!”  This proves that I was there in the classroom.

When it gets to the scheduled class time, the start button will appear and flash obnoxiously!  Press it as quickly as possible.

When you press it, your camera will open.  At that point, you may or may not have a student in the classroom.  If you do have a student, go for it and start teaching!  If no student is there, sit back and wait.

Now, I’ll finish this blog with quick questions/answer format for easy reading!  I know you may be sitting in a no-show, frantically trying to find out what to do.  If that is you, please comment below!  I’d love to hear your experiences!

  • How long do I wait?
    • You wait 15 minutes.  If a student shows up at any point between 00:00 and 15:00, you will teach him or her until 25:00.  If they do not show up at all, and the clock hits 15:00, it is a no-show and you do not have to teach.
  • Do I cover camera?
    • This is up to you.  I usually just leave the camera open.  Some people hate to sit there, looking at themselves.  You can put a post-it note over the camera if you wish. Just don’t “close the camera” with the button on the classroom.  You need to be available, ready to go if the student shows up.  Also, you cannot leave your classroom space.  I would recommend not even leaving your chair (or your standing space if you stand to teach).  It is very common for a student to show up, and if you’re not ready to jump right in, you’ll be marked as a “Teacher No Show.”
  • What if they show up at 14:30?
    • This is possible, but not probable.  If they show up at 14:30, or even 14:59, you have to teach the class.  You will teach until 25:00, so you will only have 10 minutes to complete the whole class.  Hurry though, but don’t rush too much.  You still want to give your student a great first class experience.
  • Do I need to write anything in the chat box?
    • No, but it doesn’t hurt.  I always write something like “Hello” before the class begins, then if the student shows up late, I write in the chat box, “Student arrived at 4:30 (for example), so we will have class for 20:30 minutes.”  This give a clear picture for anyone who would re-watch the class.
  • What if the IT help cancels the class and writes something in the chat box?
    • Occasionally, the student’s parents will tell Gogokid that they will not be showing up.  In this case, the IT help will come into your classroom and write to you in the chat box something like, “Thank you teacher, your class has been canceled by the parent.  You are free to leave.” You can be done waiting and leave the classroom. I always take a screen shot of that message, just in case I need to prove why I left early.
  • Can I do something else while I wait?
    • Yes!  Do whatever you’d like!  You can use your phone, read, drink your coffee, daydream.  I sometimes use my computer, but I never block my window that is open, showing the classroom.  If the student pops in, I don’t want to be online shopping or something in another window and not see it.  Also, as I mentioned above, don’t leave your teaching area until 15:00.
  • Do I just leave at 15:00?
    • Yes.  You close your classroom browser window.  Take a screen shot before you leave.
  • How much will I get paid?
    • For a Trial No Show, you’ll get paid 60% of your base rate.  If the student shows up late, even if it is at 14:59, and you teach the rest of the time, you’ll get full pay.
  • Do I write feedback?
    • Not for a no-show.  No need to write anything.  There won’t be a screen for feedback because you’ll close the classroom before 25:00.

Remember, don’t be discouraged if you have a no-show.  I know it can be a let down when you get geared up for a class, and then disappointed when there is no student to teach.  Bounce back and enjoy the break.  You’ll probably have quite a few trials and no-shows in your first few months of teaching with Gogokid.  When you begin to build your base of regular students, no shows will become a rarer experience.

What other questions do you have about no-shows or Gogokid?  Any funny or interesting Gogokid trial class experiences?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

-Teacher Laura from Minnesota, USA


Hello! My name is Laura and I teach online for VIPKID and Gogokid, teaching English to Chinese students!


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