Lingobus Chinese Lessons: An honest review from students


I asked my daughters what they really thought of their Lingobus Chinese lessons after about 7 months of weekly lessons.  Here are there responses:

Best things:

  • Unique Skill
  • Whole family project
  • Nice Teachers
  • Fun rewards
  • Learn through music

They both echoed that they love having a unique skill that is “cool.”  Mia said, “I’m the only kindergartener who knows any Chinese in my school!”  I like that they have a unique interest and are pursuing it, despite it being different than most kids their ages’ interests.

They both have found regular teachers that they really enjoy.  Their personalities are very different, so they gravitated toward different styles of teachers.  Kayla mentioned that she loves working toward a reward, and Mia enjoys the music component of learning songs in a new language.

Hardest things:

  • Difficult language
  • Sometimes classes feel long
  • Homework

Chinese is difficult.  There’s no arguing that.  But I like that my daughters are taking on a big challenge, and learning to work at it bit by bit.  It is definitely not an overnight skill. They do get discouraged at times, but I think generally they’re quite confident in their abilities!

Mia, who is a kindergartener, mentioned that the classes feel long.  Kayla, on the other hand, who is 9 disagreed and thought they were a good length.  This, understandably, probably has to do with their age and attention span.  Both teachers do a great job of making the lessons fun and engaging.  We have also played with the timing of the lessons, finding a good time frame when the girls aren’t too tired or distracted.

There is a homework component, and the girls moaned about that a bit.  I’m not super strict about them doing their homework pages every week, but I do insist on doing the video preview and the flashcards before each lesson.  Kayla said that it is easy homework compared to her normal schoolwork, but just having more to do during the week was a chore for her.


So that’s our honest review, straight from the kids.  Overall, we are still enjoying the lessons very much!  I often ask the girls if it is too much for them or if they are discouraged, and they don’t feel that at all.  They love the lessons.

One positive that they didn’t mention, but I hope someday they’ll both realize is the amazing cross-cultural experience they’re getting.  We live in rural Minnesota, where our community is 97% white.  There is very little diversity.  Doing Chinese classes is just one way where I can purposefully expose my kids to people of different cultures, who look and speak differently than us.  Someday I hope they’ll appreciate that aspect.  But for now, they love the songs and the rewards!


Hello! My name is Laura and I am a mom of 2 Lingobus students, ages 6 and 9. We’ve been taking Chinese lessons weekly with Lingobus since April 2019.  Watch to see how it is going and why we chose Lingobus Chinese classes!


If you’re interested in trying a free demo class, follow this link to get started


Email: Instagram: minnesotateachermom Thanks for watching! -Laura from Minnesota


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