VIPKid Minimalist Must-haves

I am a wannabe minimalist. I always want to strive to keep things simple, efficient, minimal. I haven’t always been this way. When I started online teaching, I thought “good teachers” had tons of props and rewards, and were very “extra.” Nope, that is not a requirement for good teaching!

Now, I keep it very basic. Here are my pared down list of minimal teacher must-haves.

1. A simple background.

Stop the fussing about the background. Kids barely notice it! It is not worth your time! I got a simple world map decal. It’s clean, colorful, and useful.

Decal Map on Amazon

2. Graphics Tablet to replace your mouse!

A perennial problem for vipkid teachers is trying to teach kids how to write letters while writing with a mouse. We end up forming letters and numbers awkwardly and maybe even teaching bad habits. A quick solution is a graphics tablet with a pen . For a minimalist, its even more useful because you can draw on the screen rather than having a whiteboard or paper handy. It keeps kids more engaged, too, because they’re always looking at the screen for what you might draw or write next!

Graphics Tablet on Amazon

Hook this baby into your USB and you’re ready to go!

3. Glitter stars!

Yes, that’s it. Just glittery stars. You can get them from Teacher Angie on Instagram. They are easy for kids to understand, easy to store, and useful for EVERY lesson. No need to continually come up with new rewards!

Glitter Stars by Teacher Angie

4. Digital Rewards (something on your phone/device that you hold up to show the student).

I love having my phone handy in class because there is a wealth of props/rewards on the internet, available without charge! Less physical things to store, organize, and maintain!

My favorites are Starfall and Google Slides. Go tinker around with them and you’ll find a treasure trove of resources!

Starfall app for rewards

I’d love to know your minimal must-have items! Leave me a comment or message!

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