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Welcome to VIPKID!  Oh no!  You don’t have bookings?!  You’re ready to teach, but no parents have chosen you to be their child’s teacher?  It’s a common problem.  There are opinions floating around everywhere about what is the best way to up your bookings.  I have been with VIPKID for two years, and in those years, there’s really only ONE tip I offer.  It is the key to opening up more bookings.  It is getting more CERTIFICATIONS.  Here’s why this is crucial to you getting booked and filling up your schedule.

1. Parents Get to Choose You

It’s a blessing or a curse.  Some online ESL companies guarantee bookings because the company books the classes for you.  The parents of the students do not get to choose.  VIPKID has chosen not to operate like that.  By giving the parents the power to choose their teachers, parents can choose a teacher that they think will fit well with their student.  How they choose is very subjective.  Perhaps they enjoyed your video or your photo, or the “tags” that describe you are appealing.  It’s the only way we could have regular students.  If the company booked, we would have a completely random schedule and never see the same student twice.  So we have to make ourselves appealing to parents.  The biggest way you can do that is by getting many certifications!

2. There is one thing you can control with your bookings.

Certifications, certification, certifications.  Usually when you’re hired you start with just a couple level certifications.  However, there are MANY more certifications available.  There are 7 levels just in Major Courses.  There are several Supplementary Classes.  And of course, trial classes!  Every single student who tries VIPKID has to take a trial class.

3. The parents view is limited to teachers who are qualified to teach their student’s level.

A parent can only see teachers’ profiles if they are qualified to teach their student.  You are limiting yourself if you are not getting as many certifications as possible.  If a parent signs a student up who has a strong English level, for example, a Level 5 student.  The parent can only see teachers who are certified to teach Level 5.  If you are not certified for as many levels as possible, you are limiting your potential bookings.  Remember:  More certifications = more potential bookings.

4. Certifications are the biggest impact.

There are many tips and “tricks” floating around in VIPKID forums and groups about how to increase your bookings.  Many tips an incidental, like “I changed my profile picture and immediately got 10 bookings!”  These typical tips (change your bio, video, or pictures, etc) might “move the needle” a bit, but nothing will have as strong of an impact as getting more certifications.

5. This requires bravery!

You will have to be brave!  You will have to try new things!  When I began with VIPKID in November 2017, they had a system where every new teacher had to only teach trial classes at first.  So all I taught for several weeks was trials, trials, trials.  There were only about 4 trial classes at that point, so I got very confident in my ability to teach these classes.  I realized that I would need to get more certifications if I wanted more bookings, so I had to be brave and try a new level that I was not very confident in.  But that made all the difference for my bookings!  Even now, two years in, I am still pushing myself to be brave and try new things.  I just added Level 7+ last week, and taught my first Level 7 class!  I was nervous at first, but so glad I did it!

6. Which certifications should I get first?

Okay, I hope by now I’ve convinced you to get more certifications.  So where should you start?  In my opinion, the best certifications to have are Level One, Two, and Trial Classes.  These levels and types of classes have the biggest demand of students.  If you already have those, I would work on getting ALL the Major Course (Levels 1-7+) and then work through the Supplementary Courses.

How to get a new certification?

  1. Open your Teacher Portal, then Resources, then Certifications
  2. Look at the Tabs for each type of class.  In my opinion, start with Major Courses.
  3. Click on the level you want to be certified in.  Read about the level.
  4. Check your prerequisites.  If you qualify, it will have a button that says “apply.”
  5. Click that to begin.  You will read the material, take a quiz, and sometimes record a demo lesson.  After that, you’ll be certified!  You can begin being booked for these classes immediately!

All the best in bookings, teacher!  Please let me know your opinions below!  Stay tuned to my Instagram (@vipkidteachermom) and YouTube channel (Laura Risdall) for more tips and conversations!


Hello! My name is Laura and I teach online for VIPKID and Gogokid, teaching English to Chinese students!


I make videos here to connect with other teachers and applicants.

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Thanks for reading!

-Laura from Minnesota


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